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I've always had a passion for powerful change through creativity and spirituality – I'm a spiritual teacher and artist with a background in education, holistic health coaching as a Certified Clinical Herbalist, as well as training in yoga, medical astrology, and a degree in Art from UC Berkeley.  At the center of all of these wonderful subjects that are dear to my heart is the one thing that has helped me the most, which is the foundation of my Ascension Coaching Sessions: The Mirror Exercise.  The Mirror Exercise is the most effective psycho-spiritual tool I've found to align my energetic core completely back into harmony with the way I was created.  What does that mean?  It means loving all of the fragmented parts of myself back into my unified self.  This results in continual MASSIVE shifts in my inner reality (a sense of unshakable deep peace, confidence, feeling good in my body, and making positive choices with ease) as well as my outer reality.  This means I easily magnetize the life I'm designed to live, which results in me loving my life and expanding this love more every single day. 


Yes, it requires consistent investment and commitment into loving myself, but both the short-term and long-term payoff of harmonizing into union with my complete soul design is wildly worth it - plus it's not hard to do.  If I can do it, you can too, and I can show you how to take the next step in magnetizing the desires in your heart for your true Twin Flame, your wellness, your abundance, and your Life Purpose into your reality the easy simple, and permanent way. 


You are designed with your desires and passions for a reason - you are meant to live a life where you easily manifest what you desire, where you feel passion, peace, and purpose in each moment, and are completely  fulfilled eternally.  If this sounds crazy, I invite  you to consider that the alternative would mean that you were created imperfectly.  How could life even happen from a state of imperfection?  It couldn't, so it must be a misaligned thought that is preventing you from having it all.  


I used to believe that imperfection, or chaos was an inherent part of this world, and therefore my own reality, until I began learning from my beloved spiritual teachers, Jeff & Shaleia, who put me back on track and quickly dissolved this misaligned thought. This thought pattern had been in my consciousness and causing me to spin my wheels so that I would often attract, as you might imagine, a level of chaos into my life.  That's because our thoughts and choices are powerful, they literally create the reality we live in, both on an individual and shared level.  

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Attracting a reality based in love, which means having it all and feeling good in all areas of your life, is entirely possible and achievable.  Whether you are actively healing separation between you and your Twin Flame, desiring to live your life purpose, or just overall looking for how you can best love yourself and positively change your circumstances, I can help you achieve the life that is meant to be yours.

You're invited to explore my coaching, readings and services, and learn more about my creatively centered approach, including one-of-a-kind spiritual artwork, and connect with me if you would like to learn more, have questions, or would like to schedule a Discovery Session.  I provide support, guidance, and healing artwork to help you step fully into your overall foundation of happiness, wellness, and abundance in all areas of your life, including with your ultimate lover: your Twin Flame.

-Aldyn Richmond

Certified Ascension Coach & Aritst

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