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Full Moon In Virgo: Pick A Blossom For Your Twin Flame Oracle Card Reveal

After choosing your blossom, read the card with the corresponding message for your Full Moon Oracle Card Reveal. To make the most out of this Full Moon in Virgo, also known as the Snow Moon, you are invited to attend The Full Moon: Surrender To Love & Blossom Workshop today, 2/27 at 4 pm PST. The workshop is one hour and $7.77 to attend and/or for the recording. The Full Moon in Virgo matched with the Sun and Venus in Pisces invites you to deeply enjoy the small and basic things with a child-like approach.

Getting in touch with the innocent romance that each moment offers you as you let the day flow creates a harmonious momentum in your vibration with your Twin Flame, your inherent abundance, your true purpose, and overall Soul Design. Your vibration is what attracts and creates your reality; surrender to the divine and blossom today, and if you can, look at the bright moon in the sky or a flower in bloom for inspiration tonight.

  1. The card for the blossom you were attracted to, #36: Intuition, is pulled from Nature's Whispers Oracle by Angela Hartfield. This card is an indicator that you are on the right track and to not listen to any would-be voices of doubt, but instead to trust what you've been becoming more and more aware of lately.

Your Twin Flame is attracted to the divine you, with a clear Third Eye who isn't afraid to be truthful about how you feel and what you are intuiting. Be confident. This doesn't mean turn a deaf ear to those that would guide you lovingly and wisely. Listening to the divine within your own heart serves to help you further attract guidance, whether through your Twin Flame, your brothers and sisters, a part of a book you pick up to read, or anything else giving you big clues on your Twin Flame Ascension Path at this time. Choose to embrace the clarity of vision that you are given and the next step will follow.

2. The card for the blossom you were attracted to, #44: Zincite - Physical Body -Root Chakra, is pulled from Eternal Crystals Oracle by Jade-Sky. Being the last card in the deck, it's an indicator you have reached the culmination and are ready to surrender and detoxify in a specific area of your life. This goes along with the energy of the Full Moon - a time where things come to fruition and simultaneously when what you no longer need is shed, so that energy can be freed up to take your creativity and what you are manifesting into your reality to the next level.

Zincite is also a highly creative crystal. It can help you with bringing that creative spark deep within your being into physical form and with this in mind you may wish to use freed-up energy for a creative project. Creative projects are divine onto themselves, but also remember that they often serve to help you manifest what you are desiring into your reality as you explore and get clear on your feelings, preferences, and self-expression during the creative process. For more on Zincite, I recommend reading this powerful blog post by Jeff & Shaleia.

3. The card for the blossom you were attracted to, Watermelon Tourmaline: Stress Reduction, is pulled from Crystal Angels Oracle by Doreen Virtue and reminds you to "De-stress your mind, body, and schedule, as you need to rest, recharge, and revive."

The picture for this crystal card is of both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine holding up their light effortlessly. In addition to taking some time for rest and relaxation at this time, feel into where you may be trying to play both the role of you and your Twin Flame, and release anything that isn't within your true Soul Design; give it to God and trust that in doing your part, you are enough.

It is better to have a small foundation of peace that is stable than it is to have what appears to be a grand foundation that isn't truly supportive or balanced at the core. From a true and eternal foundation based in Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame, you can expand in the way that your Soul desires to express. It becomes much easier to give and to receive as you surrender into the peace you are cultivating with the divine and trust that the process of loving yourself is always working in your favor. It is safe for you to practice loving self-care and allow yourself to feel revitalized as you do, at this time.

Enjoy the Full Moon in Virgo as you blossom into your next step on your Twin Flame Ascension journey.

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