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Twin Flame Energy Reading: Mercury Retrograde & Venus in Aquarius ♒ Friendship & Romance💞

February is off to a friendly beginning with Venus entering Aquarius. You and your Twin Flame aren't just created as lovers, but also as best friends, and the energy of the many planets in Aquarius at this time is a directive to heal how you relate not only to your Twin Flame but to yourself and to others from a place of true kinship.

Mercury recently went retrograde, also in Aquarius, which gives extra emphasis to communication and connection at this time. Ultimately, all of your connections relate back to your relationship with the divine. This includes the connection you have even with your own self, including your feelings, thoughts, how you care for yourself, and basically just being with yourself. Self-love is becoming more emphasized throughout society in many ways, but if you want to truly get the full benefit of what it means to love oneself, putting your love for the divine/Source/God/Spirit at the very center of your reality is what will yield the best results. How can you tell? The easiest way is simply that it feels good to do so.

A problem that you may find yourself facing today is differentiating between delusion and reality. A few years ago, when I was applying for a Ph.D. in Psychology (I ended up putting down a deposit on a program and pulling out to pursue my Life Purpose more directly, rather than what would have been taking the long way) I was sitting in on a class. The professor began talking about people who believed in God and brought up that it could perhaps be a delusion, what if it's a mental illness to believe in all of these spiritual things? This upset me deeply, as I thought about it later, but also she had a point. Is it crazy to desire to feel good and put God first? I knew in my heart the answer was no, but the logic can take you for a bit of a ride until you simplify it.

There is just love that exists, you don't need ego, it's just a construct and holds no power other than a false sense of power given to it by human delusion. The real delusion is that you can be separate from your creator (and also delusional that you can be separate from your Twin Flame). This was something that I had already gotten clear on at the time, as I had begun my enrollment in Twin Flame Ascension School with Jeff & Shaleia shortly before this experience; from the very first class forward, I deeply claimed and strengthened my own relationship with the divine.

With Venus in Aquarius, there is a call to explore how you relate to others by sharing your own relationship with God and receiving God's love coming through each individual in return. My own Venus is in Aquarius, and right on my midheaven, so I feel a great deal of purpose in friendship and professionally in holding space for everyone's unique Twin Flame journey and experience in finding true love.

Venus in Aquarius appears to have a wild/free-spirited side, but at the heart of it is the desire to understand what it means to truly love another on a universal level. And loving another always returns to loving the divine within one's own self. So let this be a time of shining a light on places where you are guided to strengthen your communication, connection, and intimacy with your own self. You may come across insecurities like past exp