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💓Twin Flame Love & Purpose Reading: Taurus Season Vibes ♉🔮

It's just about Taurus Season and with Venus also in Taurus, it's time to shift your focus toward what delights your earthly senses. This is a good time for grounding and romancing yourself, while also paying attention to other earthly matters like growing your finances and creating more comfort in your life. When you feel good about yourself and truly enjoy connecting with yourself on an intimate level, your Twin Flame will naturally reflect this and be attracted to what you've got going on.

Pick a dessert below and then scroll to your drawn card for your channeled Twin Flame love and purpose message:

  1. Your card is drawn from Nature's Whispers Oracle by Angela Hartfield and it encourages you to contemplate and meditate. This can be very grounding for you at this time if you choose to feel your feelings while sorting through what is taking up your headspace. This card depicts beautiful imagery, nothing is taking away from the pristine vision. Treat your own mind this way and compassionately release any thoughts and feelings that are holding you back from what you desire.

If an upset occurs, go through all 4 steps of the Mirror Exercise, and consider writing it down if it helps you focus and concentrate on your healing. The more Heaven you feel within, the more freedom you will also naturally feel to explore and get clear on the truth of who you are and the unique purpose of your Twin Flame Union. As you tap into your soul design, it becomes easier to match and maintain the peace inherent in the vibration of your Union - your natural state of being.

Dive into healing your mind and heart by investing in your Twin Flame Union and life purpose. There's a full list of options and the included support on my resources page. If you're ready to move forward but would like help coming up with a plan specific to you, you're invited to book a Discovery Session with me.

2. Your card is drawn from The Psychic Tarot For The Heart by John Holland. This is a really positive and encouraging card! It invites you to invigorate yourself with the light already within you. Most plants require light to blossom. You are no different, and the Divine is providing you with an abundance of light and resources to nurture and sustain your growth. When you allow in the abundance headed your way, you fill yourself up and make it SO MUCH easier to love everyone and the world around you. Choosing to receive loving energy from the divine attracts your Twin Flame Union and deeper levels of intimacy.