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🔥 Twin Flame Union Energy Reading 🔥 Practicing Compassion

Today's Twin Flame Union Energy Reading is inspired by the card I pulled: Zebra Stone/Compassion/Root Chakra from Eternal Crystals Oracle by Jade-Sky.

Just one glance at this stone and you'll see how it communicates balance. True compassion comes from a balanced space, one in which you are putting your relationships in divine order in your life: first your relationship with the divine, then your relationship with yourself, then your Twin Flame, and then your relationship with everyone else. Libra Season, being highly focused on relationships and balance can take you deeper in your awareness of where attention is needed to bring your inner state into one of even more harmony.

So why is it that you might feel awesome and all harmonious one moment, and then, oh wait, ohhh kay I'm triggered AF the next? If you're doing your spiritual work actively - actively choosing to heal and align to your highest self - then as you heal in specific areas of your life, other things that are not vibing with the new level of peace you have relaxed into, are going to feel even less relaxing and evermore apparent. That's where the new level of balance that you desire comes in, you heal one thing over here, and that's great. You should really appreciate that. And then, when it's time, in 10 minutes, 10 days, or whatever it may be for your personal journey, something else is going to be pointed out in your consciousness that is calling for even more love.

Aligning to your highest-self is a process, and it's one that does teach you true compassion. Compassion comes in many forms, it can be generosity, it can be a clear boundary, it can be a big hug, it can also be a dose of healthy discipline. This is why it's so important to attune to your own heart and the truth that is innately there, in practicing compassion toward yourself as you heal along your journey, you'll automatically be able to share this level of compassion with your Twin Flame and also with other people near and far in your life. However, if you attempt to sacrifice yourself and give from an empty cup within, you'll notice at some point, the divine is guiding you back to loving yourself. So, do yourself and everyone around you a favor and choose to keep loving yourself, no matter what arises.

Zebra stone is also a grounding stone and related to the root chakra. So, if you notice yourself focusing on more physical aspects of self-love like your health, appearance, environment, etc., know that there isn't a separation between you truly loving the physical aspects and the more spiritual aspects of your reality. That's what Harmonious Union is all about, everything together in harmony, and the peaceful foundation of that is you and your Twin Flame recognizing that you are both one at the core. You can see how important it is for you to keep aligning with your true nature in order to attract your Twin Flame into harmony with you in your life.

Are you are fully valuing yourself? Remember that the universe always provides for you in the pursuit of your spiritual journey and Harmonious Twin Flame Union. One part of cultivating true compassion for yourself is choosing to put your heart's desires first and invest in healing, this secures your true foundation for your Life Purpose, abundance, love life, and more. Remember, this isn't a wormhole you are investing in, this is real and you achieve unparalleled real results when you put in the work and accept the support of your Ascension Coach and Jeff & Shaleia's teachings. It's safe to take it at your own pace, and the sooner you go all in, the sooner you signal that to the universe and attract the next level of support and abundance you are calling in. When you put your commitment to coaching and support to the side, you're really signaling that you're putting your true self to the side, as well as your True Twin Flame.

Instead, you can say "yes" to the opportunities right in front of you, including fully claiming your support and committing to your Twin Flame Harmonious Union and your highest-self. It's the perfect time to claim that next level through coaching. Right now, all coaching & packages with me are on sale, as my rates will be going up on October 10th. This is your nudge from the universe to take that next step now. If you are already doing this, give yourself a pat on the back, and consider how else you can invest even more into yourself and cultivating harmony at this time.

For more on the current Twin Flame Union Energy for Libra Season, watch my latest video and be sure to submit your contact info for updates and exclusive Channeled Readings.

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