5 Card DM & DF Current Energy Romance Reading (Format: Video Recording)

5 Card DM & DF Current Energy Romance Reading (Format: Video Recording)

Get deep insight into the undercurrent and overarching energy in your Union, whether you are the Divine Masculine or the Divine Feminine, this reading will provide clarity for both.  This reading is available at an introductory rate.  One or more Oracle Decks will be used for this reading.  The reading is recorded and is a minimum of 20 minutes in length.  The video is uploaded onto youtube as unlisted (not public) for your personal convenience, and the link is only shared with you.  If you have a particular question about your Union, you can ask, either way, Source coming through the cards will provide you exactly what it is that you need to know at this time to move forward and align more deeply into harmony with your Twin Flame Union.

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    I will contact you shortly after you purchase a session to create the appointment time.  Please allow up to 7 days for readings to be completed.  There are no refunds for purchased services, if you need to exchange a service for one of equal or lesser value please contact me within 48 hours of your purchase.

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